Our Story

Coworking since 2007

Nadine is the work of Jacob Sayles from Office Nomads and Kanawha Design Studio. The platform was built for Office Nomads to help handle daily operations of the space from both the staff and member sides of the house. Nadine has been in continuous use and development since 2007.

Key Contributors

Over 3800 Commits, 130 Stars, and 70 forks on GitHub... so far!


Encouraging personal connections

Nadine supports the philosophy of intentional communities and supporting consistent human to human connection:

  • We adhere to the coworking core values: collaboration, openness, accessibility, sustainability & community.
  • We believe in coworking without a filter. Our community is strong when it is diverse.
  • Great relationships are not rushed, but are encouraged to grow over time.
  • Collaboration will always be stronger than competition.
  • We do not create community, we create a strong platform on which community grows.
  • The inherent good nature of people is more powerful than the perceived fears we may hold about strangers.

There are a number of ways these values are expressed in the design of Nadine. For example, Nadine reminds the welcoming team to take new member pictures for the photo wall rather than directly nagging the member. Although it could be more “efficient” to have members provide their own photo, photos taken by the team are large, clear, and in focus. This gives everyone an opportunity to connect and break the ice with new members.

We believe open source is the best way to live these values everyday.


*Python/Django developer recommended

We have released Nadine as an open source project meaning it’s “free”, but be advised this is more like getting a free puppy. You need to understand what you are getting yourself into. She will grow up to be your best friend but needs a consistent gentle guiding hand. If you think you are up for the challenge, check out how to get started.

If you are looking for an off the shelf, hosted solution, we suggest looking at: Cobot, Nexudus, Proximity, or Satellite Deskworks. Hector Kolonas maintains the Big Bodacious List of Coworking Software which includes many great options.

If you are looking to hire a developer, Kanawha Design Studio is available to help you get Nadine up and running and make customizations for you. We are always looking for fun projects and interesting people to collaborate with.