What Nadine Does

Coworking Since 2007

Nadine is an open source software project designed and built for use at Office Nomads to help handle daily operations of the space from both the staff and member sides of the house. Nadine has been in continuous use and development since 2007. Here is a partial list of Nadine’s features:

Intranet Website

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  • See who is here today
  • Connect with other members
  • Unlimited Customization*


  • Member profiles
  • Interest Tags
  • Discovery
  • Discussion Lists
  • Member to Member Emails


  • Activity tracking
  • Analytics
  • Billing reports
  • Members/month
  • Income graphs

Work Flow

  • Daily Sign-in

Front Desk Kiosk

  • Sign-up
  • Onboarding and exiting tasks
  • Document signing
  • File storage


  • Space Events
    • Google Calendar
  • Communication
    • Slack
    • IRC
    • Mailgun
  • Billing
    • Automatic Invoicing and Payment Collection
    • Credit Card Support (USAePay)
    • ACH/Authomatic Withdrawl (Check Gateway)
    • Download receipts
    • Integration with Xero