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Nadine is an open source software project developed at Office Nomads to help handle daily operations of the space. It manages the online member interaction with the space. Specifically it:

Our complete software solution also involves an integrating with a billing processor and standalone book keeping software. Nadine has been in use and continuous development since 2008.


Share the software that supports Office Nomads with other coworking, coliving, and similar spaces.


Nadine is designed and built for use at Office Nomads. It could be useful for other coworking spaces with minimal configuration and modified for other organizations with varying levels of effort. Ideally, you are a Django developer, interested in learning, or have a close associate who is.


Software stack - Django, Python, PostgreSQL, Mailgun

Hardware recommendation – 2GHz Processor, 4GB Ram, 10GB Storage

Getting Started

You can get started by downloading the source code, and joining the discussion group.

Why the cow?

Nadine is named after a cow of course. Betsy would have been too obvious a name.
Thanks to JellyS for the use of the cow photo we use in our logo!